Avant-Garde Holiday SPECTACULAR!


After a much-longer than expected hiatus, No Sounds Are Forbidden will return on 18 December for a very special Avant-Garde Holiday Spectacular that will be, well… spectacular! With special guest Dr. Jill Rogers of University College Cork, Matthew Friedman will explore how the most adventurous composers of the 20th and 21st centuries celebrated the holidays or, often enough, didn’t. Tune in on H-Net and iTunes to hear great holiday music by Krzysztof Penderecki, Olivier Messiaen, John Adams, Sir Peter Maxwell  Davies, and much more! We’re not kidding.


Summer Hiatus

With summer coming to an end, and the new academic term in the offing, I will be taking a short break in the last few days of Summer. No Sounds Are Forbidden will return in September with new episodes, including a look at the postwar European avant-garde’s efforts to wrestle with the Holocaust, and reinvent European music, the controversial “return to tonality” of the 1970s, and the often surprising conversation between avant-gatrde art music and jazz.

Fall will also bring a new No Sounds Are Forbidden ffeature — the Avant-Garde Minute — to YouTube.

So stay tuned! And to keep up to date on all the exciting development in the Autumn 2016 season of No Sounds Are Forbidden, just follow this blog.

See you in September.